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“The Keys to Memory”, registered at the Andalusian cinema catalog

The Keys to Memory“, registered at the Andalusian cinema catalog

The documentary film “The Keys to Memory“, by the Andalusian filmmaker Jesús Armesto has been registered at the Andalusian Film Commission, the database where the Andalusian cinema’s audiovisual works are collected.

This film immerses itself in the Andalusian people’s history through Sofía, a PhD student who is writing her thesis, and interviews philosophers, historians, and anthropologists who have thought deeply into the meaning of memory, knowledge and identity of people in a globalized society.

This work participated in the last edition of the European Film Festival of Seville 2016 (SEFF16), which was held in the Andalusian capital from 4th to 12th November 2016. This film has a rating for all audiences and was distributed by the Almutafilm film production company, based in the city of Écija in Seville. The team also had León Fernando del Canto as executive producer.

Every year the Andalusian Film Commission publishes a magazine entitled AVÁNDALUS, which catalogs the Andalusian cinematographic works produced during the previous year and which will include a synopsis of “The Keys to Memory“.

The Keys to Memory” in AVÁNDALUS, here.

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